Company profile

1st FAnn perfumery
Grand opening of the first FAnn perfumery in Prague in 1993 with a famous Czech actress Jiřina Bohdalová.

GLAMOUR company was founded in former Czechoslovakia in 1990 with specialisation to selective cosmetics distribution. The company headquarter was settled down in Brno because of the strategic position of this city in the centre of the Czechoslovak federation. After the split of Czech and Slovak republics into two countries in 1993 a brand new and completely independent company Glamour Slovakia was established, with the head office in Banska Bystrica.

From the beginning of its business operations one of the GLAMOUR´s key partner was the Procter&Gamble multinational company. In 1996 GLAMOUR began the distribution of decorative cosmetics brand Max Factor and in 2007 GLAMOUR acquired three Procter&Gamble branches – P&G Prestige Products in Prague, Bratislava and Budapest with orientation to lifestyle cosmetics distribution.

Hugo Boss Boss in Motion
Boss in Motion fragrance launch indoor event in a Prague mall.

In terms of ongoing close cooperation GLAMOUR incorporated other three former P&G affiliates in 2010 – the hair care cosmetics specialist for professional hairdressing salons WELLA for all 3 markets (Prague, Bratislava, Budapest).

Today GLAMOUR Group business operations cover the area of 3 countries – so called CSH region (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary). There are several company divisions with a different segmentation: selective cosmetics distribution, lifestyle cosmetics distribution and hair care cosmetics distribution. The Group includes FAnn perfumery chains in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

GLAMOUR Group owns several modern distribution centres equipped with up-to-date information, logistics and communication technologies.

GLAMOUR Group takes the leading position in cosmetic products distribution in CSH region. Our young and ambitious team works with the portfolio of more than 50 prestigious global brands. And the experienced sales representatives cover all regions of the Czech Republic. Using the modern technologies (wireless connection via PDA devices) ensures that your order is processed in the distribution centre within a minute. The goods are delivered to the point of sale by a reliable delivery parcel service within 48 hours.

Luxury beauty salon La Prairie.
Luxurious La Prairie beauty salon in FAnn Beauty Centre Flora Palace in Prague.

Sales representative is taking order into the PDA.
Sales representative is taking an order into the PDA (HTC HD2 with application Pocket Dealer).

Moschino Hippy Fizz launch in Douglas perfumery.
Moschino Hippy Fizz fragrance launch in Douglas perfumery.